12x 22ml Watercolour Paint Set

Sku : 9781915396143
Price : £8.99
Description :

This is a high-quality watercolor paint set that features a vibrant selection of 12 different color options. Each color is contained in a 22ml bottle, providing ample volume of the rich, pigment-dense paints. These quick-drying watercolor paints are perfect for creating stunning artwork on watercolor paper or watercolor board.

The 12 colors included in this set offer a diverse palette that allows for a wide range of artistic expression and color mixing possibilities. The paints have a smooth, creamy consistency that glides effortlessly across the surface, delivering bold, vivid hues with each application.

Whether you are a beginner watercolor artist or an experienced painter, this comprehensive 12-color set provides the essential tools needed to bring your creative visions to life. The generous 22ml bottle size ensures you have ample paint to work with, allowing you to fully explore the medium without running out of color too quickly.

This watercolor paint set is an excellent choice for painting landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and much more. The quick-drying formula allows you to layer colors and build up depth and texture in your paintings. The vibrant pigments will remain stable and retain their brightness even as the paint dries on the page or board.

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